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Grant Petty, Founder and CEO of Blackmagic Design:
"I was really amazed with Marco’s camera tests of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Marco’s test was significant because it showed what the Blackmagic Cinema Camera could do from a creative point of view, and in the end, that’s what matters. Marco has shown what kinds of images you can get, and I think in the end that’s what that matters the most. It’s very exciting. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I was really surprised watching Marco’s comparison video. We learned a lot from it as well!" Full story here.

Michael Kammes, production/post-production guru:
"If you're not following @OneRiverMedia, you're not paying attention. The camera knowledge bombs he dropped at @lacpug was scary awesome."

John Brawley, Cinematographer. In reference to our first BMCC comparison video:
"Marco, you've done more than anyone to put that to bed. Excellent work."

Daniel Bérubé, head of Boston Creative Pro User Group:
"Marco's Cinema Camera reveal at BOSCPUG was a watershed moment. The epiphany continues here now with no turning back!"

Claudia Crask, head of San Francisco Cutters:
"Follow Marco's methods in motion... destroy your preconceptions, stretch your imagination, learn what the Cinema Camera can do."

Michael Horton, head of Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group:
"No one on this planet knows more about the BMCC than Marco Solorio, except maybe the folks who built it. You can learn more about the BMCC watching Marco's comparison videos for 30 minutes than actually working with it for a week."

Walter Biscardi, owner of Biscardi Media and head of Atlanta Cutters:
"Our good buddy Marco Solorio at OneRiver Media continues his exploration of the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. He first came on the scene years ago doing codec comparison tests that were the standard for all those who wanted to know what's really going on with your image. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys in the industry."

George E. Kennedy Jr., owner of Magek Filmworks Productions, Inc.:
"I vote for Marco over at OneRiver Media for one of the best training deliveries of 2012."

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